College Park School launches the first sports competition of the school year

Students from College Park School participated in the first extracurricular activity of the school year.

Five athletes from the school raced in a virtual cross country competition that had a fixed route around Bud Miller Park. Christine Thiessen, race organizer and teacher at College Park, says they were able to host an interschool competition while following guidelines set by the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association.

“There is a select group of kids who really love to run and they got the chance to get started. It’s easy to be able to do outside and to be able to physically distance yourself, so it’s a good start.

As part of the guidelines, students should be distributed over the start line in order to maintain physical distance and stay in their cohorts. Schools are unable to compete or train directly with each other, which meant dividing the race into two different days.

College Park students ran on October 7th while Bishop Lloyd Middle School students ran on October 8th. Athletes from both schools will run the same track, which was set up ahead of the time, and then compare the times.

“Other than that, the cross country was easy to adapt. “

Most students from either school will not be able to compete in the provincial championships this year. However, students in Grades 9 to 12 will be able to run with a few modifications to ensure the safety of the runners.

“Lloydminster Comprehensive High School students and any interested Grade 9 students will be able to participate in a provincial race at a specific location in and around Lloydminster. They will then record their time and compare it to other students of the same age group in Saskatchewan.

Thiessen says participation in the cross country running program is still in line with previous years.

Sara R. Cicero